Inertsil® ODS

Inertsil® ODS

The original ODS column of Inertsil Series

Si-C18H37(Inertsil ODS)

Inertsil ODS is the first ODS column introduced as “Inertsil Series” to serve as a versatile column. Available Silica particle sizes are 5µm and 10µm. 10µm particle-size is recommended for analysis with low operating pressure.


Column Features



Particle SizeParticle ShapeSurface AreaPore SizePore VolumeBonded GroupEnd-CappingCarbon LoadpH Range
5 µmSpherical350 m2/g100Å1.00 mL/gOctadecyl groupYes14.0%2 - 7.5
10 µm