Inertsil® Peptides C18

Inertsil® Peptides C18

ODS column designed for Peptide mapping


Inertsil Peptides C18 is the ODS column designed for Peptide mapping. Each lot is attatched with its analytical data of standard peptides.


Column Features


For analysis of proteins and peptides of 5000 or higher molecular weight, Inertsil WP300C18 or Inertsil WP300 C8 are recommended.



Particle SizeParticle ShapeSurface AreaPore SizePore VolumeBonded GroupEnd-CappingCarbon LoadpH Range
4 µmSpherical450 m2/g100Å1.05 mL/gOctadecyl groupYes15%2 - 7.5