Inertsil® SIL-100A

Inertsil® SIL-100A

Ultra Pure Silica gel with pore size 100Å

Structure-Silica gel

Inertsil SIL-100A is a pure Silica gel column available in normal phase mode. Because of the high quality of its Silica gel, Inertsil SIL-100A achievs separation with sharp peaks and provides high column-to-column reproducibility.

This excellent Silica gel ideally designed for HPLC is the basis for “Inertsil 3-series” of GL Scineces. GL Sciences is the first company which emphasized the importance of silica-gel purity and determined the nature of the silanol impurities in the Silica gel.


Column Features



Particle SizeParticle ShapeSurface AreaPore SizePore VolumeBonded GroupEnd-CappingCarbon LoadpH Range
3 µmSpherical450 m2/g100Å1.05 mL/gNoneNo0%2 - 7.5