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HUPO 2017 Dublin

Jun 28, 2017

Specification Change Notice

Apr 5, 2017

New columns: Inertsil ODS-HL, InertSustain Amide

Feb 3, 2017


Jan 11, 2017

InertSustain AQ C18

Dec 6, 2016

PITTCON 2017 Chicago

Dec 6, 2016

HPLC 2016 San Francisco

Jun 16, 2016

MonoCap C18 Fast-flow

May 18, 2016

Analytica 2016

Mar 17, 2016

Technical Note: CoenzymeQ10 in Supplements and Cosmetics Analysis

Aug 25, 2015

Technical Note: L-Carnitine in Supplements and Energy Drinks Analysis

Aug 19, 2015

Technical Note: α-Lipoic acid in Supplements and Cosmetics Analysis

Aug 19, 2015

HPLC 2015 Geneva

Jun 10, 2015

Monolithic Capillary -Optimized Identification for Proteome Research-

Apr 17, 2015

Singapore and Malaysia Distributer information

Feb 16, 2015

We are pleased to inform that Charslton Technologies PTE LTD  contact information is updated as our distributor in Singapore and Malaysia.

HPLC Analysis of Vitamin B1, B2

Dec 5, 2014

Takadiastase (Aspergillus oryzae carboxyl proteinase) has been used for hydrolyses of thiamin phosphate ester and riboflavin phosphate ester to analyse thiamin and riboflavin, respectively by HPLC.

However, it is difficult to get commercial Takadiastase stable nowadays.

So in this technical note, we introduce a new sample preparation method for thiamin and riboflavin analyses using acid phosphatase hydrolysis instead of Takadiastase hydrolysis.

Analysis of Furfural in insulating oil

Dec 1, 2014

To check aged degradation of insulating oil, degradation product in insulating oil is often measured.   Furfural is one of a degradation product of cellulose composing insulating paper in insulating oil. Furfural is stably dissolved in oil and distinction of degraded state of oil can be confirmed by measuring the concentration of furfural.

 In this technical note, we introduce a HPLC method and two sample preparation methods (liquid-liquid extraction and solid phase extraction with silica gel column) for monitoring furfural in insulating oil.

Analysis of Chlorogenic acid in Coffee by HPLC

Dec 1, 2014

Chlorogenic acid is one of phenolic antioxidants in coffee. It has been researched as anticancer compound by many scientists in recent years. Caffeic acid is a degradation product of chlorogenic acid and increase in process of roasting and extraction, etc.

In this technical note, we introduce a rapid HPLC method to measure chlorogenic acid, caffeine, and caffeic acid.

Simultaneous LC/MS/MS Analysis of Pesticides Used in Golf Courses

Dec 1, 2014

In 1990, Japanese Ministry of the Environment announced a “Interim Guidance Guidelines on Prevention of Water Contamination by Pesticides for Golf Courses”. Furthermore, the last revision 100929001 announced by the Environment Management Bureau, Ministry of Environment on Sep 29, 2010, states to measure 44 pesticides by LC/MS/MS.

Both quantifier and qualifier ions must be measured besides fenitrothion.

In this technical note, we introduce results of simultaneous analysis of 43 pesticides using 3200 QTRAP® LC/MS/MS System (AB SCIEX) and InertSustain C18 HPLC column.

LC/MS/MS Analysis of Hexamethylenetetramine in water

Dec 1, 2014

Hexamethylenetetramine which was assumed as a precursor compound of formaldehyde is a high polar compound and is difficult to be retained on ODS columns.

In this technical note, we introduce the analysis of Hexamethylenetetramine using 4000 QTRAP® LC/MS/MS System (AB SCIEX) and Inertsil Amide column.

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