Company History

Feb. 1968 The Gas Chromatography Industrial Co., Ltd. was first established for the manufacture and sales of chromatograph column packing material and consumable parts with a capital investment of 1,500,000 yen.
Apr. 1975 Construction of the Musashi factory was completed in Iruma-City, Saitama and manufacture was moved from the Tokorozawa factory.
Oct. 1976 Established the, Gas Chro Yamagata Co., Ltd. subsidiary in Yamagata-City, Yamagata Prefecture.
Apr. 1986 Construction of a new factory in Fukushima (first stage construction) in Fukushima Industrial Park Fukushima City, Fukushima and part of the Musashi factory was moved there.
Oct. 1990 Changed the company name from gas Chromatography Industrial Co., Ltd. to GL Sciences Inc.
Apr. 1991 Changed the name of a subsidiary of Gas Chro Yamagata co., Ltd., to Techno Quartz Inc.
Nov. 1994 Moved to our new head office at 6-22-1 Nishi Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku.
Sep. 1995 Listed on Japan Securities Dealers Association.
Dec. 1996 Acquired AI Technology Inc. which is a development-oriented manufacturer of non-contact IC cards and associated equipment.
Feb. 1998 Achieved ISO 9001 certification, the international standard for quality assurance and quality control at the Fukushima factory.
Mar. 2002 Acquired ATAS in the Netherlands as a subsidiary company, and changed the name to ATAS GL International B.V.
Aug. 2004 Achieved ISO 14001 certification, the international environmental standard.
Feb. 2005 Established GL Sciences, Inc. USA at California in the US as a subsidiary company.
Mar. 2005 Listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange, Second Section
Sep. 2006 Formalized a business agreement for the manufacture of analytical instruments and laboratory equipment with Shimadzu Corporation, agreed as a capital joint venture.
Jul. 2007 Established joint venture sales agreement for sample pretreatment and consumable products for use with analysis equipment between GL Sciences Laboratory Supplies Co., Ltd (Shanghai) and Shimadzu (Hong Kong) Ltd.
Apr. 2014 Company name of ATAS GL International B.V. has changed to GL Sciences B.V.