InertCap™ T.L.

InertCap™ T.L.

InertCap T.L. is a “transfer line built-in” analytical column.

It realizes a low level of bleeding and avoids liquid degeneration because the connecting part to the detector, which temperature becomes high, is not coated with liquid phase. The transfer line is inert so it is suitable for analyzing highly adsorptive compounds. Furthermore, there is no need to worry about leakage as no connecting union is used.


Structure-InertCap T.L.

Product Line-up

PhaseI.D.(mm)Length(m)Film thickness (µm)T.L.. Length(m)Max.Temp(ºC)Cat.No.
InertCap 1MS0.25300.252iso.325-prog.3501010-12192
InertCap 5MS/Sil0.25300.252iso.325-prog.3501010-15192
InertCap Pesticides0.25300.252iso.325-prog.3501010-15191
InertCap Pure-WAX0.25300.252iso.260-prog.2601010-68492