Guard Columns

Guard Columns


Guard columns, set between the injector and an analytical column, are used to protect analytical columns from chemical impurities in samples. We have two types of guard columns : cartridge type which can be changed easily by hand, and packed type, which are packed in stainless cartridge like analytical columns.

How to choose guard column is introduced below. “Cartridge guard column E” is the most useful and is recommended as a high performance guard column.


Guard column chart


How to connect guard column

In order to obtain maximum protection , it is recommended to use a guard column that contains the same packing material as the analytical column.

Product list of Guard columns are displayed with analytical columns. Please go to the product page to which the Guard columns are connected.

ex.) To find product list of the guard columns to use with InertSustain C18, go to the product page of InertSustain C18.