Monolithic Capillary HPLC Columns

Monolithic Capillary HPLC Columns

MonoCap Series


GL Sciences’ MonoCap series, created synthetically via sol-gel method, and an octadecyl silane chemically bonded, has a very uniform three dimensional structure that shows excellent reproducibility from batch-to-batch. The solid structure of GL Sciences’ monolithic silica eliminates the

need for frits or filters at the ends of the column, thereby reducing dead volume that might otherwise lead to band broadening or sample recovery. The high porosity of our monolithic silica allows high flow rates to be used without loss of resolutionor creation of high operating pressure. An optimized balance of throughpores and mesopores provides the critically importantcombination of efficiency, separation speed, large volume sample-loading, and small volume sample-recovery.

MonoCap High Resolution provide extremely high efficiency, delivering over 200,000 plates for a 2,000 mm length column. The High Resolution Ultra type deliver over 300,000 plates. The Fast-flow type is compatible with high flow rate analysis due to its’ low flow resistance. In addition, the equilibration time can be minimized further by setting the flow rate high.

MonoCap Nano-flow is a high-density monolithic capillary column offering extremely high sensitivity in LC/MS due to the optimization

of mesopore and throughpore sizes. MonoCap Trap columns have a relatively big throughpore, which are available for on-line preconcentration or desalting of protein and peptide samples prior to HPLC separation with mass spectrometry detection.

MonoCap Series Brochure

Physical Properties of MonoCap Series

DescriptionMonolithic SilicaSkeletonThroughporeMesoporePorosityBonded PhaseEnd-cappingMax. Operating Pressure
MonoCap C18 High Resolution 750High Purity Silica Gel1 μm2 μm15 nm85%Octadecyl GroupsYes22 MPa
MonoCap C18 High Resolution 20001 μm2 μm15 nm85%Octadecyl GroupsYes35 MPa
MonoCap C18 High Resolution Ultra 20001 μm2 μm11 nm85%Octadecyl GroupsYes35 MPa
MonoCap C18 Fast-flow1 μm2 μm15 nm85%Octadecyl GroupsYes22 MPa
MonoCap C18 Nano-flow1 μm1 μm11 nm85%Octadecyl GroupsYes22 MPa
MonoCap C18 WideBore1 μm2 μm11 nm85%Octadecyl GroupsYes22 MPa
MonoCap C18 Trap Column2 μm5 μm11 nm85%Octadecyl GroupsYes20 MPa
MonoCap Amide1 μm2 μm15 nm85%Carbamoyl GroupsNone22 MPa
MonoCap SCX2 μm5 μm11 nm85%Benzenesulfonyl GroupsNone20 MPa
MonoCap HILIC-UP High Resolution 20001 μm2 μm12 nm85%Ureidopropyl GroupsNone35 MPa