InertSustain® C8

InertSustain® C8

Highly inert and durable C8 column compatible with wide pH range


InertSustain Series

GL Sciences developed new Silica gel “Evolved Surface Silica” for InertSustain Series which provides both high inertness and high durability. Inert-and-sustainable InertSustain series HPLC columns are the latest models of GL Sciences and are recommended as the first choice for various purpose.

InertSustain C8 is the Octyl group (C8) bonded newly developed Silica gel column which exhibits very high inertness like InertSustain C18. InertSustain C8 performs rapid analysis of highly hydrophobic compounds delivering symmetric peaks within a wide range of pH.


Column Features

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Particle SizeParticle ShapeSurface AreaPore SizePore VolumeBonded GroupEnd-CappingCarbon LoadpH Range
2 µmSpherical350 m2/g100Å0.85 mL/gOctyl GroupComplete8%1 - 10
3 µm
5 µm