MonoFas DNA Purification Kit I

MonoFas DNA Purification Kit I

DNA Extraction & Purification


“MonoFas Series” kits are devoloped for cleanup, extraction and purification of nucleic acids. By employing Silica Monolith as packing material, MonoFas Series realized more efficient DNA extraction. MonoFas DNA Purification Kit I purifies DNA from PCR products and agarose gels. Purified DNA can be used for sequencing, cloning/ligation, restriction digests, etc.


Product Features 


Product Contents (Example : Package with 50 pcs. Cat. No.5010-21530) 

Spin Column  50 pcs
Collection Tube  :  50 pcs
Buffer A (Binding, Dissolution)  :  30 mL
Buffer B ( Washing) :  14 mL (Need to dilute with ethanol to complete Buffer B)
Buffer C (Elution)  :  10 mL
Operation Manual   :  1 pcs



ItemsPurification from PCRExtraction from Agarose gel
Time4 minutes9 minutes
Maximum DNA Binding Amount10µg10µg
Maximum Gel Throughput-1g
Minimum Elution Volume10µL10µL
Column Volume1mL1mL
Processable DNA Range35bp - 35kb35bp - 35kb
Recovery Rate>90%(100bp - 5kbp)>80%(100bp - 5kbp)
>60%(5kb - 35kbp)>50%(5kbp - 35kbp)
Primer Elimination Ratio95%-

MonoFas™ DNA Purification Kit I Part Number

MonoFas DNA Purification Kit I 50pcs.5010-21530
Buffer A 50mL5010-21506
Buffer B 21mL5010-21509
Buffer C10mL5010-21508
Spin Column100 pcs5010-21541

Due to the exporting regulations (IATA), ethanol cannot be shipped. Please prepare ethanol before use to complete Buffer B.



“Based on monolithic technology, Merck KGaA, Darmstadt,Germany”