MonoFas™ Plasmid Extraction Kit III

MonoFas™ Plasmid Extraction Kit III

Plasmid DNA Extraction from E.coli


“MonoFas Series” kits are devoloped for cleanup, extraction and purification of nucleic acids. By employing Silica Monolith as packing material, MonoFas Series realized more efficient DNA extraction. MonoFas Plasmid Extraction Kit III is designed to purify plasmid DNA from E. Coli cultures by easy operations. The extracted plasmid DNA can be directly used for sequence analysis, restriction digestion, cloning/ligation, etc.


Product Features


Product Contents (Example : Package with 100 pcs, Cat. No. 5010-21534)

Spin Column : 100 pcs
Collection Tube : 100pcs
Buffer A3 (Cell Vortex) : 30 mL
Buffer B3 (Cell Bacteriolysis) :  30 mL
Buffer C3 (Cell Neutralizing / Absorption) :  36 mL
Buffer D3 (Washing) : 14 mL x 2 (Need to dilute with ethanol to complete Buffer D3)
Buffer E3 (Elusion) :  12 mL
RNase A Buffer  : 400µL
Operation Manual  : 1 pcs



Cultivated Solution Throughput1 - 3 mL
High - Copy-Plasmid15 μg/mL culture
Low - Copy-Plasmid5 μg/mL culture
Recommended Elution Volume50 - 100 μL
DNA Purity (O. D. 260 / 280 mm)1.7 - 1.9
Column Volume1 mL

MonoFas Plasmid Extraction Kit III Part Number

MonoFas Plasmid Extraction Kit III50 pcs5010-21533
100 pcs5010-21534
250 pcs5010-21535
Buffer A350 mL5010-21515
Buffer B350 mL5010-21516
Buffer C350 mL5010-21517
Buffer D321 mL5010-21521
Buffer E310 mL5010-21519
RNase A Buffer500 μL5010-21520

Due to the exporting regulations (IATA), ethanol cannot be shipped.
Please prepare ethanol before use to complete Buffer D3.



“Based on monolithic technology, Merck KGaA, Darmstadt,Germany”