MonoFas Series

MonoFas Series



“MonoFas Series” kits are devoloped for cleanup, extraction and purification of nucleic acids. These kits employ Silica Monolith as packing material. Also, the buffers included in the kits are ideally composed. MonoFas Series allow you to perform extraction and purification of high purity DNA by simple and fast procedures, even first-time user can easily extract DNA.

Monofas series - Silica Monolith



  • Enhanced extraction and purification of high purity DNA 

MonoFas Series empolys silica monoliths manufactured under strict quality control. Its monolithic structure enables the extraction and purification of high purity DNA even with a heavy sample load offering good reproducibility.


  • Available for small-volume sample

Silica monolith column doesn’t require fllters, which allows to process very small-volumn sample.

comparison-packing materials

  • Ideally composed buffers 

The compositions of buffers in MonoFas series are optimal for silica monoliths, which allows a rapid and simple operation compared to products from other companies : vacuum centrifugation of the sample tube after the washing process and leaving the sample to stand after adding the elution buffer are not neccessary.


Advantage of Silica Monolith

  • No need for Ethanol Precipitation

As small-volume elution is possible, ethanol precipitation is not necessary.


  • Extract a wide range of sizes of DNA without damage

Silica monolith has unique through-pores, making possible to collect a wide range of sizes of DNA without damage.

Mesopores of Silica Monolith have high binding ability to DNA and are well suited to extraction and purification of DNA. High purity DNA can be collected in large quantities.


  • No need for Vacuum Centrifugation

Silica Monolith drains easily as liquid passes freely through the material. Therefore vacuum centrifugation is not required, shortening the operation time.