Monolithic Silica Adsorbents

Monolithic Silica Adsorbents

Monolithic Material Sorption Extraction (MMSE)

MonoTrap is a newly-developed, state-of-the-art sorptive media, based on the high surface area of silica monolith technology. It has been designed for the simple and fast enrichment of flavors, aromas, and fragrances; but can easily be used for the analysis of volatile and semi-volatile compounds for quality control, environmental, and forensic applications.


◊ Highly Efficient Adsorption
MonoTrap’s high surface area offers greater sample loading capacity, ensuring a higher concentration of adsorbed compounds

◊ Complete Desorption with low Solvent Volume
It only takes a small amount of solvent, 200 μL, to completely saturate the monolithic network and achieve desorption, though more solvent can be used to control the final concentration of your sample.

◊ Hydrophobic Surface
using hydrophobic ODS groups, MonoTrap will not adsorb water from aqueous samples. No need to worry about injecting water onto your GC or GC/MS when using MonoTrap as with liquid-liquid extraction or other sorptive media. This also allows for the addition of ionic salts to improve sample adsorption with MonoTrap.

◊ Multiple Injections & Analyses
Because compounds adsorbed to MonoTrap can be extracted using 200 μL (or more) of organic solvent, it is no problem to perform multiple injections of your sample. With MonoTrap, it is even possible to make injections on different GC systems utilizing different column phases! Solvent extraction can even be accomplished within a GC autosampler vial using the rod shaped MonoTrap.

How to use MonoTrap


MonoTrap Products Lineup

TypesDescriptions ShapesQtyCat.No.
Solvent ExtractionMonoTrap DCC18ODS,Activated CarbonDisk50 ea1050-72101
MonoTrap RCC18Rod50 ea1050-72201
MonoTrap DSC18ODSDisk50 ea1050-71101
MonoTrap RSC18Rod50 ea1050-71201
Thermal DesorptionMonoTrap RGC18TDODS,Graphite CarbonRod30 ea1050-74201
MonoTrap RSC18TDODSRod30 ea1050-73201
MonoTrap RGPS TDGraphite Carbon, PDMSRod30 ea1050-74202


No. 02 LilyNo.19 Organic Solvent in Atmosphere
No. 03 GardeniaeNo.20 Fatty Acids in Atmosphere
No. 04 Cherry BlossomNo.21 Magnolia
No. 05 MangoNo.26 Hyacinth
No. 06 Sweet Potato LiquorNo.27 Soy Sauce
No. 07 LavenderNo.28 Beer
No. 08 Red WineNo.29 Camellia
No. 09 CandyNo.30 Apple
No. 10 Curry PowderNo.31 Japanese Rice Wine (Sake)
No. 12 OsmanthusNo.32 Sesame Oil
No. 13 TeaNo.33 VOC in a New Car
No. 14 Body SoapNo.44 VOC from Papers
No. 15 CoffeeNo.45 Garlic
No. 16 Aging Body OdorNo.46 Gasoline for Forensic Research
No.17 BreadNo.47 Cheese
No.18 Mushroom