MonoTip™ TiO

MonoTip™ TiO

Enrichment of Phosphopeptides Using Pipetting Method

MonoTip TiO is a tip column packed with monolithic silica coated with titanium dioxide. It selectively traps phosphopeptides, which improves the detection and reduces the analysis time.


“MonoTip Tio” offers the convenience of rapid enrichment. It is still popular today, however, Phos-TiO columns which contain an advanced form of TiO2 show superior performance. With Phos-Tio columns, simultaneous process of many individual samples are also available. For new customers, we recommend Phos-TiO products as the first choice.


Product Features



ParameterMonoTip TiO
Operation timeApprox. 6 mins
Suitable sample volume20 - 200 µL
Sample loading volumeup to 5 µg
Tip volume200 µL
Packing materialSilica Monolith (Highly pure silica gel)
Through-pore Diameter10 - 20 µm
Meso-pore Diameter200 Å ( 20 nm)
Surface area200 m2/g
Chemical ModificationTitanium Dioxide coating

Part Numbers

MonoTip TiO200 μL24 pcs5010-21007
96 pcs5010-21005



“Based on monolithic technology, Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany”