Titansphere™ Phos-TiO for Large Volume Samples

Titansphere™ Phos-TiO for Large Volume Samples

GL Sciences now introduces larger versions of spin columns as an extension of the Phos-TiO product line. 3 mL columns containing 50 mg or 100 mg of our unique titanium dioxide (TiO2) are available.


Typical Operating Conditions

Phos-TiO columns can be used with a desktop centrifuge.

Operating Conditions

Although some of the versions of Phos-TiO resemble in pipette tips or SPE cartridges, these products are not intended for use with pipettes or SPE vacuum manifolds. Phos-Tio spin columns require centrifugal elution of all solutions because of the column internal configuration and particle size of the TiO beads. 



SampleTry (PO3H2) - Angiotensin II
Particle size10 µm
Cartridge50 mg/3 mL100 mg/3 mL
Binding Capacity50 µg100 µg

The maximum sample loading volume depends on the matrix composition, concentration, freedom from particulates, and viscosity.


Titansphere™ Phos-TiO Column (for large samples) Part Numbers

DescriptionColumn SizeQty(packed unit)Cat.No.
Titansphere Phos-TiO50 mg/3 mL25 (1 pcs)5010-21290
100 mg/3 mL25 (1 pcs5010-21291
DescriptionVolumeQty(packed unit)Cat.No.
Lactic Acid for Titansphere Phos-TiO15 mL1 pcs5010-21295