Titansphere™ Phos-TiO Kit

Titansphere™ Phos-TiO Kit

Enrichment of Phosphopeptide Using Spin Columns

Titansphere Phos-TiO Kit contains titansphere material in a tip-column designed to use with centrifuge. “Titansphere Phos-TiO Kit” enables an easy and stable operation of phosphopeptides enrichment. Spin columns of 200µL (3mg TiO) and 10µL (1mg TiO) sizes are available. The kit includes waste and collection tubes as well as all required buffers.


Product Features


Product contents

Product Contents


“Titansphere™ Phos-TiO Kit” was developed with the cooperation of Dr. Yasushi Ishihama from Graduation School of Pharm Sci, Kyoto University.


Titansphere™ Phos-TiO Kit Part Numbers

DescriptionColumn SizeQuantityCat.No.
Titansphere Phos-TiO Kit1 mg/10 μL24 times5010-21309
96 times5010-21310
3 mg/200 μL24 times5010-21311
96 times5010-21312

Titansphere™ Phos-TiO Column Part Numbers

Titansphere Phos-TiO Tip10 μL24 pcs5010-21302
96 pcs5010-21303
200 μL24 pcs5010-21307
96 pcs5010-21308
DescriptionVolumeQty(packed unit)Cat.No.
Lactic Acid for Titansphere Phos-TiO15 mL1 pcs5010-21295

Ordering Information

Ordering Information for Reusable Adaptors which are used to mount Phos-TiO spin columns in collection tubes or 96-well plates.

Centrifuge Adapter (10 μL , 200 μL tips)24 pcs5010-21514
96well plate centrifuge adapter for 10 μL Tips1 pcs5010-21340
2 pcs5010-21342
96well plate centrifuge adapter for 201 μL Tips1 pcs5010-21341
2 pcs5010-21343

96 well plate adapter is compatible with SBS standard plates.