Titansphere™ TiO Bulk Material

Titansphere™ TiO Bulk Material

Bulk Sorbent Materials for Purification & Enrichment of Phosphopeptides

While GL Sciences’ Phos-TiO spin columns and MonoTip TiO pipette tip based enrichment products are useful for most sample pretreatment applications, some investigators require bulk titanium dioxide material for specialized applications. Titansphere TiO bulk sorbent is available in 5µm and 10µm particle sizes in quantities of 500mg.

Purification / Enrichment Protocol



Spherically shaped porous particle “Titansphere TiO” (Titanium Dioxide ; TiO2) is a high-performing bulk material to enrich and purify phosphopeptides selectively.

  • Efficient purification from HeLa Cell Lysate

The graph below shows the superior performance of Titansphere TiO using the HeLa Cell Lysate consisting mainly of non-phosphorylated peptides. Titansphere TiO shows exceptional selectivity – almost 90% of the bound peptides were phosphopeptides, and excellent capacity for total phosphopeptide binding. Whereas a competitive TiO product binds mainly non-phosphorylated peptides and a much lower total number of discrete phosphopeptides.

Sample: HeLa Cell Lysate,  Sample volume: 50 μg,  Titansphere TiO volume: 1 mg

Application-Identified Peptides

  • Comparison of Titansphere TiO and IMAC

The graph below shows the comparison of Titansphere TiO and IMAC enrichment using Arabidopsis cell extract. Titansphere TiO provides substantially higher total capacity and a much higher number of isolated phosphopeptides.

Sample: Arabidopsis Cell Extract,  Sample volume: 100 μg,  Titansphere TiO volume: 1 mg

Application-Comparison with IMAC

  • Example of how to make a Titanium Column
    ◊ Cut the Empore Disk C8 and put it at the tip of the 200ul pipette tip to be used as a filter.
    ◊ Stir and suspend the Titansphere TiO atCH3CN/H2O=80/20.v/v then load it to the tip.
      (Adjust the amounf of the beads depending on the purpose)
    ◊ Pressure the tip by a plastic syringe.

    Titanium Column


DescriptionTitansphere TiO
Particle Size5 µm, 10 µm
Particle ShapeSpherical
Adsorption SpotTitanium Dioxide Crystal
Pore Size100 Å (10 µm)
pH Range2 - 12

Identified Numbers of Phosphopeptides

 PhosphorylateNon - Phosphorylate
Titansphere TiO846198

Titansphere™ TiO Part Number

Titansphere TiO 5 µm500 mg5020-75000
Titansphere TiO 10 µm500 mg5020-75010
* Titansphere Phos-TiO Bulk 10 um500 mg5010-21315

* New material for higher purification efficiency of Phosphopeptides

Empore Disk C8 Part Number

Empore Disk C8, 47 mmDIA, 0.5 mm Thickness20 pcs5010-30002
Empore Disk C8, 90 mmDIA, 0.5 mm Thickness10 pcs5010-30003