FastRemover™ for Protein (0.45 um)

FastRemover™ for Protein (0.45 um)


FastRemover is a 96-well type filter plate which is ideal for preparing precipitated protein samples. It is also available for rapid processing of multiple plasma samples.



  • Removing proteins from biological samples by easy operation.
  • Optimally designed elution tip and filter to process a trace of analytes with minimal sample loss.
  • Easy-to-dry design is perfect for processing with automated vacuum instruments.
  • Available for high sensitivity analysis as the impurities in the material is minimized.
  • Available for direct injection from the collection plate to LC/MS/MS as it is able to remove microparticle contaminants.



To demonstrate the performance of FastRemover, a BSA solution was prepared as follows:

1. 200 µL of plasma is thoroughly mixed in a test tube containing 800µL of Acetonitrile.
2. The FastRemover and collection plate are attached to a vacuum manifold.
3. The BSA sample mixture is loaded into the 96-well plate and vacuum applied above 0.02 MPa( 0.2 Bar) for 2 minutes.

Performance of Removal of Protains

Adsorption Test

A standard mixture containing 7 compounds were analyzed to evaluate potential non-specific adsorption to the plate. As shown in the following chromatograms, FastRemover provides minimal loss of target samples.

Adsorption Test


FastRemover for Protein (0.45 µm) 96-well1 pcs7820-11001
5 pcs7820-11005
FastRemover for Protein (0.20 µm) 96-well1 pcs7820-11011
5 pcs7820-11015



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