GL-Tip™ SDB and GL-Tip™ GC (Product Features)


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  • Highly Retentive for Hydrophobic and Hydrophilic Peptides

GL-Tip™ SDB is more hydrophobic than C18 micropipette and allow retention of a wider range of phosophopeptides with high yield.

GL-Tip™ GC retains many more hydrophilic phosphopeptides than C18 does. By using a combination of GL-Tip™ SDB and GC, almost all peptide samples can be desalted.

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  • Easy to operate

Phosphopeptide-enriched samples are easily loaded, washed, and eluted using the same centrifuge-based technique used with Phos-TiO tips.


  • Comparison of Relative Retention of Peptides collected by using GL-Tip™ SDB and GL-Tip™ GC

Data below indicates that GL-Tip™ SDB preferentially binds with hydrophobic peptides while GC preferentially binds with hydrophilic peptides.

GL-Tip SDB,GC-Comparison


Recommended Protocol



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