GL-Tip™ SDB and GL-Tip™ GC

GL-Tip™ SDB and GL-Tip™ GC

Micropipette used for Desalting of TiO2-Enriched Samples Prior to LC/MS

GL-Tip SDB,GC chart

Phosphopeptides Isolated by TiO2-based material should be desalted prior to LC/MS analysis, usually by using a C18 (hydrophobic) micropipette tip. GL Sciences’ SDB (styrene divinylbenzene) and GC (graphite carbon) containing micropipette GL-Tips™ retain more hydrophobic and hydrophilic peptides, respectively, than C18-based tips.


Product Features



ProductTest PeptideTip VolumeBinding Capacity*
GL-Tip™ SDBTyr (PO3H2)4-Angiotensin II200 µL60 µg
GL-Tip™ GCGly-Gly-Tyr-Arg200 µL30 µg

* Maximum sample loading volume and retained capacity varies with sample matrix.


Ordering Information

ProductQuantityTip VolumeOrder Number
GL-Tip™ SDB96/pkg200 µL7820-11200
GL-Tip™ GC96/pkg200 µL7820-11201
GL-Tip™ Adaptor*1 ea5010-21514

*Adaptors are reusable.