MonoTip™ C18

MonoTip™ C18

Desalting & Enrichment of Proteins and Peptides

MonoTip C18 pipette tip contains silica monolith bonded with C18 (Octadecyl groups). Silica monolith has continuous through-pore structure. As C18 is bonded, MonoTip C18 can desalt and concentrate proteins and peptides in reversed phase mode by easy pipetting.



Product Features



DescriptionMonoTip C18
Sample volume20 - 200 µL
Sample treatment concentrationpmol - nmol order
Sample loading concentration100 µg (Angiotensin Ⅱ)
Tip volume200 µL
Functional groupOctadecyl Group
Organic solvent resistanceAcetonitrile 100%
Packing materialHighly pure silica monolith
Through-pore diameter10 - 20 µm
Meso-pore200 Å (20 nm)
Surface area200 m2/g



MonoTip™ C18 Part Number

MonoTip C18200 µL24 pcs5010-21002
96 pcs5010-21000



“Based on monolithic technology, Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany”



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