InertSep™ C8-NE

InertSep™ C8-NE


Silica Gel modified with Octyl Group

InertSep C8-NE is a silica gel based sorbent modified with a C8(octyl) groups that offers weaker hydrophobic interactions than InertSep C18. Also, as it is not endcapped, cationic exchange interactions are provided by active silanols on the SIlica surface. InertSep C8-NE is recommended for samples which are too strongly retained on InertSep C18. It is available for the selective extraction of basic compounds.


Structure - InertSep C8-NE


Standard Cartridge

Item NameColumn SizeQuantityCat.No.
InertSep C8-NE50 mg/1 mL100 pieces5010-61100
100 mg/1 mL100 pieces5010-61101
200 mg/3 mL50 pieces5010-61102
500 mg/3 mL50 pieces5010-61103
500 mg/6 mL30 pieces5010-61104
1 g/6 mL30 pieces5010-61105
2 g/12 mL20 pieces5010-61106

Standard Cartridge (High Volume Cartridge)

Item NameColumn SizeQuantityCat.No.
InertSep C8-NE5 g/20 mL20 pieces5010-61107
10 g/60 mL16 pieces5010-61108

Large Cartridge LSC

Item NameColumn SizeQuantityCat.No.
InertSep LSC C8-NE100 mg50 pieces5010-63101
200 mg50 pieces5010-63102
500 mg50 pieces5010-63103

Luer Device

Item NameColumn SizeQuantityCat.No.
InertSep SlimJ C8-NE500 mg50 pieces5010-65100
1000 mg50 pieces5010-65101

96-Well Plate

Item NameColumn SizeQuantityCat.No.
InertSep 96WP C8-NE50 mg1 piece5010-66060
100 mg1 piece5010-66061

Bulk Material for Solid Phase Extraction

Item NameMean Particle DiameterWeightCat.No.
InertSep C8-NE60 μm100 g5010-69004