InertSep™ SCX

InertSep™ SCX


Silica Gel modified with Benzene Sulfonyl Propyl Group

InertSep SCX is a silica gel based sorbent modified with benzenesulfonyl propyl groups. It provides strong cation exchange interactions as the primary interaction.  Additionally it offers some hydrogen bonding interactions as the secondary interaction.


Structure - InertSep SCX


  • Levamisole
  • Malachite green
  • Weakly basic compounds in aqueous solution


Standard Cartridge

Item NameColumn SizeQuantityCat.No.
InertSep SCX50 mg/1 mL100 pieces5010-61540
100 mg/1 mL100 pieces5010-61541
200 mg/3 mL50 pieces5010-61542
500 mg/3 mL50 pieces5010-61543
500 mg/6 mL30 pieces5010-61544
1 g/6 mL30 pieces5010-61545
2 g/12 mL20 pieces5010-61546

Standard Cartridge (High Volume Cartridge)

Item NameColumn SizeQuantityCat.No.
InertSep SCX5 g/20 mL20 pieces5010-61547
10 g/60 mL16 pieces5010-61548
20 g/60 mL16 pieces5010-61549
25 g/150 mL8 pieces5010-61550
50 g/150 mL8 pieces5010-61551
70 g/150 mL8 pieces5010-61552

Large Cartridge LSC

Item NameColumn SizeQuantityCat.No.
InertSep LSC SCX100 mg50 pieces5010-63541
200 mg50 pieces5010-63542
500 mg50 pieces5010-63543

Luer Device

Item NameColumn SizeQuantityCat.No.
InertSep SlimJ SCX500 mg50 pieces5010-65540
1000 mg50 pieces5010-65541

96-Well Plate

Item NameColumn SizeQuantityCat.No.
InertSep 96WP SCX50 mg1 piece5010-66420
100 mg1 piece5010-66421

Bulk Material for Solid Phase Extraction

Item NameMean Particle DiameterWeightCat.No.
InertSep SCX45 μm100 g5010-69019