MonoSpin™ Series

MonoSpin™ Series

Monolithic SPE Columns for Purification and Enrichment of Small Amount Sample

MonoSpin, an SPE column packed with monolithic silica, is an excellent choice for small-volume sample treatment with easy and quick operation by centrifuge.

MonoSpin SPE centrifugal spin columns were developed to improve concentration of small-volume sample preparation.The low-pressure, high-flow, and low-liquid-retention properties of GL Sciences’ monolith silica technology makes it uniquely suited for handling small amount samples.

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Product Features


Product Lineup

Product Lineup-MonoSpin


Packing materialSilica Monolith (Highly pure silica gel)
Through Pore Diameter5 µm(Tio 20 µm)
Meso Pore Diameter10 nm(Tio 15 nm)
Surface Area350 m2/g
Sample Volume50 - 800 µL

MonoSpin™ Part Numbers

MonoSpin C1850 pcs5010-21700
100 pcs5010-21701
MonoSpin Amide50 pcs5010-21727
100 pcs5010-21728
MonoSpin CBA50 pcs5010-21729
100 pcs5010-21730
MonoSpin NH250 pcs5010-21710
100 pcs5010-21711
MonoSpin SCX50 pcs5010-21725
100 pcs5010-21726
MonoSpin SAX50 pcs5010-21720
100 pcs5010-21721
MonoSpin PBA50 pcs5010-21715
100 pcs5010-21716
MonoSpin TiO50 pcs5010-21705
100 pcs5010-21706
MonoSpin Trypsin*50 pcs7820-11300
100 pcs7820-11301
MonoSpin C18-CX50 pcs5010-21731
100 pcs5010-21732
MonoSpin C18-AX50 pcs5010-21735
100 pcs5010-21736
MonoSpin Ph50 pcs5010-21733
100 pcs5010-21734

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“Based on monolithic technology, Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany”