TC-PLOT Series

Particle Trap (Inner sealed connector)

Particle trap, traps the particle removed from POLT column, in order to protect detector and spike noises. For valve switching GC system or using MS detector, Particle Trap is recommended.

PLOT Column Particle Trap0.25mm2.5mwith 2pcs Inner Seal Connectors1pc1010-40610*
PLOT Column Particle Trap0.32mm2.5mwith 2pcs Inner Seal Connectors1pc1010-40620*
PLOT Column Particle Trap0.53mm2.5mwith 2pcs Inner Seal Connectors1pc1010-40640*

*) This item cannot be exported to Cuba, Iran, North Korea, or Syria.
Note) Use a 0.25 mm particle trap regardless of internal diameter of the analysis column when using MS detector.
Including a particle trap column (2.5 m) and two inner seal connectors.