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Industrial Technical Company in Chromatography Field

Analytical Instrument

Since we started with software of gas chromatograph as a representative chromatograph, our products have used and highly evaluated as products for analysis, test and inspection in wide field such as research development and manufacturing process, quality control and environmental analysis.
Currently, the technology of gas chromatography and liquid chromatography, which are representative of chromatographs, is becoming more sophisticated and easy to handle at the same time, has become widespread and the market is continuing to expand. Advanced industrial development also leads to new pollution by chemical substances, which threatens the environment, such as air, rivers, and soil, at present, by causing sick house syndrome caused by pesticide residues in foods, environmental hormones that affect ecosystems, and toxic substances generated from building materials and furniture, as well as dioxins emitted from incinerators. As a countermeasure, regulations on pollutant emissions have been tightened by law. However, high-level chromatographic technology is used to measure most of the other substances present in the environment, and market expansion is expected to continue steadily in the future.

Blueprint for Next Generation

GL Sciences keep on challenging in new fields using accumulated excellent technologies and experiences. Only the challenge can connect to new success and big leap. We think that contribution to society in wide field is our big goal today. As a science company, leaping for the future.

Component Analysis Inevitable for Industry and Daily Life

Industries have developed aiming to wealthy life. Component analysis is developed and used for its fundamental studies. Also component analysis takes an important role in chasing pollution material in field of environmental pollution associated with the development of industry. Thus, the analysis of components, which enables us to know the composition of "substances," is an essential technology for humankind and is active in a wide range of fields.

Expectation Toward Gas and Liquid Chromatography

As component analysis prevailed and used diary, many instruments have developed such as mass spectrometry, electronic microscope, nuclear magnetic resonance apparatus, X-ray micro analyzer and etc. Amid these circumstances, the demand for gas chromatography and liquid chromatograph applications, which enable rapid analysis with superior resolution, as well as the analysis of components with a large number of detectors and ultra-trace concentrations, is rising, making it a leading market in the field of analytical instruments.


Widely recognized gas chromatography and liquid chromatography is widespread. They are used for analysis of food, petro chemistry, drugs, medicine, semiconductor, cosmetics, deodorant and etc. in the field of industry, water pollution, sir pollution, residual pesticides, industrial waste and etc. in the field of environment.

Environmental Field
Water Pollution
Analysis of volatile halogen compounds in tap water and ground water, organic compounds in waste water
Air Pollution
Analysis of emitted gas from automobile and plant, odor compounds and grobal warming substancees, etc.
Residual Pesticides, Pollutions
Analysis of herbicide, pesticide, fungicide and fumigant, studies on food aging, metabolomics, etc.
Industrial Wastes, Soil Pollution, etc.
Industrial Field
Component analysis, detection of gas barrier ability of packing and pesticide residue
Analysis of crude oil, purity test for cosmetics and chemical products. Management of plant
Generic, Medicine
Measurement of metabolites, purity test of medicine, analysis of residue solvent, etc.
Purity test of semiconductor material, high purity gas analysis used in manufacturing semiconductor, organic analysis of the surface of silicon wafer
Cosmetics and Deodorant
Development of fragrance, quality control, studies on deodorants and other tests on shampoo and soaps