About PFAS

PFAS stands for per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances.
PFAS are highly persistent in the environment and resistant to degradation, which has led to their accumulation in soil, water, and living organisms.

PFAS have been used in products such as non-stick cookware, waterproof fabrics, stain-resistant carpets, food packaging, firefighting foams, and many other applications. Some common types of PFAS include perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) and perfluorooctanesulfonic acid (PFOS).

These chemicals have raised concerns due to their potential adverse effects on human health and the environment.
PFAS can enter the body through ingestion of contaminated food and water, inhalation of air near industrial sites, or direct contact with products containing PFAS.

Because of their persistence and widespread use, PFAS contamination has become a global concern. Efforts are being made to phase out the use of certain PFAS compounds and regulate their presence in drinking water and consumer products. Additionally, there are ongoing studies and initiatives focused on understanding the risks associated with PFAS exposure and developing effective remediation strategies.

PFAS Testing Solution Guide

  1. In this document, we propose a workflow and product suggestions for conducting PFAS measurements. We will introduce various operational methods and a lineup of products for measuring PFAS in water, soil, and air.

Air Sampler for PFAS FM4

  1. Air Sampler for PFAS(FM4) is new Low Volume Air Sampler which you can analyze PFAS in the particle and gas in one sampling. You can achieve comprehensive analysis in one sampling because each stage of it has optimized material and configuration for each target substance.

Delay Column for PFAS

  1. Delay Column for PFAS is packed with high-purity activated carbon, which retains contaminants originating from the mobile phase or the LC system.

Pre-Conditioned HC Filter

  1. Pre-Conditioned HC Filter is an aged, activated carbon filter that is made without using the fluororesin sealing coating for joints. When evaporating the extract during PFAS sample preparation, by placing a PTFE-free activated carbon filter in the purge gas line, contaminants from tubing or fittings could be effectively eliminated.


  1. GL Sciences high-purity polypropylene vials are made from ultra-high-purity polypropylene to achieve ultra-low blanks.