Tap Water and Drinking Water

We provide a lineup of products that comply with official laws such as the Water Quality Inspection Law. In addition, by providing automated products such as solid-phase extraction equipment and purge traps, we are contributing to the improvement of laboratory efficiency and the reliability of analysis results.

Solid Phase Extraction Products

  • The InertSep series is a high-quality solid-phase extraction brand that is best suited for trace analysis in water quality test. Abundant lineups correspond to extraction of regulated compounds as well as almost all compounds.
  • GL-SPE is a convenient accessory for manifolds and their related products that are required for manual solid phase extraction.

LC Column/GC Column

  • Inertsil and InertSustain are long-sellers for columns for HPLC, LC-MS/MS. A rich lineup that corresponds to a variety of compounds.
  • SYPRON series released for LC/MS. It is optimum for bromate analysis in water by LC/MS.

Autosampler Vials

Autosampler vials for LC/GC

Autosampler vials for LC/GC