Quasi-drugs and Designated Quasi-drugs

Chromatographic methods are useful in the research and quality control of products containing toothpaste or the active ingredient in hair coloring agents.

For Analyses such as Hair Color...

HPLC columns and InertSustain series with excellent inertness (Inert) and durability (Sustain). We offer a wide variety of columns, including InertSustain C18 of first-choice ODS columns and InertSustain AQ C18, which is excellent in retaining highly polar compounds.

For the Analysis of Surfactants and Fragrances...

InertCap GC Capillary column provide high inertness and low bleed performance To separate alcohols and fatty acids without tailing, we recommend InertCap Pure WAX, a highly polar chemically bonded column with polyethylene glycol. The new in-plane processing technology enabled us to achieve the highest class of inactivity. It is also suitable for the analysis of acidic and basic compounds, which were previously unacceptable on commercially available WAX columns.

In Response to Claims such as Off-flavor...

MonoTrap is a flavor sampling can accommodate all samples, whether gases or liquids. The extraction method can be selected from solvent extraction or thermal desorption. This is an innovative trapping agent with high collecting capacity and changing the common sense of enrichment analysis.

For Sample Pretreatment and Filtration...

Syringe filters are commonly used as the easiest sample
preparation technique to remove particulates from
samples in HPLC. GL Sciences’ syringe filters come in
four types: PVDF, PTFE, Nylon, and PES (Polyether
sulfone), which cover most samples in HPLC and ion
chromatography. They are effective in preventing typical
symptoms of column degradation, such as clogging at the
column inlet and pressure increase.