Veterinary Drugs

Extracts of veterinary drugs are sometimes difficult to process with mini-columns due to the large number of suspended and viscous samples. Processing the sample with a cachectic mini-column not only increases the risk of operating errors, but also may deteriorate the recovery rate for unstable ingredients. InertSep provides not only fillers equivalent to the test method, but also mini-columns with improved permeability.

Flow of Analytical Procedures for Animal Medicinal Products

Comparison of Liquid Flow Time by Solid Phase Extraction Column Reservoir Size

Tetracycline extracts may be suspended, making use of mini-columns with an inner diameter of 8 mm to 9 mm difficult to work due to clogging. Changing the shape of the packed container, such as 265 mg/6 mL and 265 mg/20 mL, allows mini-column processing that is less affected by clogging.

SDB Solid Phase Extraction Column for Analysis of Animal Drugs

InertSep PLS-2 (Styrene-divinylbenzene (SDB) polymers)

InertSep PLS-2 is a solid-phase mini-column packed with SDB polymeric gels that behave in a reversed-phase fashion similar to that of C18. It has a retention capacity of more than C18 and is excellent in stability to pH.

Column Size Qty. Cat.No.
265 mg/6 mL 50 pcs(25 pcs) 5010-27430
265 mg/20 mL 20 pcs(10 pcs) 5010-27431
500 mg/6 mL 30 pcs 5010-25025
500 mg/20 mL 20 pcs(10 pcs) 5010-25036

Introduction to Solid Phase Extraction Accessories

InertSep Vacuum manifold is a dedicated instrument developed to efficiently perform solid-phase extraction operations. Depending on the application, various kits and options are available.