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Privacy Policy


GL Sciences Inc. (hereinafter referred to as the Company) will do its utmost to protect the information from you or third party, regarding name and contact information (company name, division name, title, address, phone number, FAX number, e-mail address, history of product purchasing, history of inquiries and requirements, etc.) (Hereinafter referred to as Personal Information) collected directly by the Company and to handle such information in the most proper manner in accordance with the following stipulations of this Privacy Policy.

Basic Policy

In handling personal information, we will comply with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information and related laws and regulations, as well as develop an internal control system for the protection of personal information and continually improve it.

Requests for Personal Information

When you participate in activities of the Company such as ordering products or services of the Company, making various consultations or inquiries, visiting the website of the Company or being involved in questionnaire, campaigns or events, based on your agreement, the Company may ask you to provide your Personal Information within the scope required, as part of the Company’s legitimate business activities.
In addition, when the Company asks you to provide your Personal Information, the Company will specify the purpose of use by disclosing such purpose or notifying you of such purpose.
When the purpose of use of the Personal Information you have provided changes, the Company will disclose the revised purpose or will notify you directly.

Purpose of Use of Personal Information

The Company will utilize the Personal Information you provide for the purposes described as below.
However, if different purpose of use has been disclosed on the website or in a document, or if different purpose of use is clearly shown to you when you are asked to provide such Personal Information, such purpose will supersede the purposes below. Additionally, without your agreement, the Company will not utilize the Personal information for the purpose of automated processing and evaluations such as profiling.

1. Personal Information of Customers (the End Users of Product Sales, Agents, Wholesalers, etc.) Is Used in Association with the Following Purposes:

(1) Offering of products or services of the Company.
(2) After-sale services.
(3) Planning, research, development and quality improvement of the Company’s products and services.
(4) Response to your inquiries.
(5) Offering of information on products or services of the Company.
(6) Announcements and management of campaigns, events, seminars and exhibitions organized by the Company.
(7) Questionnaire research.
(8) Sending of direct mail to carry out the above purposes of use.
(9) Management of entrances and exits to facilities of the Company.

2. The Personal Information of Shareholders Is Used in Association with the Following Purposes:

(1) Enforcement of rights and fulfillment of obligations by shareholders or the Company based on the Companies Act.
(2) Offering of services to shareholders.
(3) Management of shares and shareholders accompanying the creation of data based on various laws and ordinances.

3. The Personal Information of Applicants for Employment and Retired Person Is Used in Association with the Following Purposes:

(1) Offering of information to applicants for employment and execution of operations related to recruiting activities.
(2) Control of recruitment services of the Company.
(3) Offering of information to retired persons and contacts, etc.

4. The Personal Information of Business Partners (Suppliers Relating to Product Sales and Manufacturing Operations, Vendors and Business Partners Relating to Other Business Operations) Is Used in Association with the Following Purposes:

(1) Contacts related to and implementation of business meetings/discussions.
(2) Contacts, offering of information to person in charge, etc.
(3) Implementation of jobs consigned by business partners.
(4) Management of entrances and exits to facilities of the Company.

Limits to Disclosure of Personal Information to Third Parties

Except in the cases below, the Company will not disclose the Personal Information you provide to any third party without your agreement.
(1) Disclosing legitimately to third parties based on laws and ordinances.
(2) When required to protect human life, body or properties, and in case it is difficult to obtain the consent of the person.
(3) When required for improvement of public health or for promoting healthy development of children, and in case it is difficult to obtain the consent of the person.
(4) When required to cooperate with the national government or local governments in their execution of affairs prescribed by laws and regulations, and when obtaining the consent of the customer is likely to interfere with the execution of the corresponding affairs.

User Requests to Disclose or Modify Personal Information

When the Company is requested to disclose Personal Information to the owner, the Company will react properly to such request, except when such disclosure could cause damage to human life, human body or property.
In addition, when the Company is requested to change, add or delete your Personal Information, or to stop using or erase it, the Company will investigate without delay and as a result, if it is judged to be required, surely implement such requests.

Personal Information Security Control Measures

The Company will operate firm management system and implement the suitable security measures in order to protect Personal Information from illegal access, loss, manipulation, leaking, deletion or damage and to secure accuracy and security of Personal Information. In addition, when consigning the handling of Personal Information, the Company will select a proper outsourcing contractor who can strictly handle Personal Information and will do its utmost to protect Personal Information by controlling such contractor to ensure appropriate management of the Personal Information.

Collection of Personal Information on the Company’s Website and Security

1. Cookies and Web Beacons

Cookies enable data to be stored automatically on the user’s computer when the user visits a website and enables the provision of useful functions when re-visiting that website. Web beacons collect the user’s access information when used together with cookies to obtain the frequency of visits to the website and browsing history, etc. Those techniques are commonly used and considered standard practices.
The Company utilizes both cookies and Web beacons to make the services provided by its website more convenient and easier to use. Personal Information will not be stored directly in cookies, but in certain cases, the browsing information is obtained in connection with Personal Information by cookies on the website of the Company.
If the user disables cookies, collection using such functions can be prevented. The user is asked to confirm browser settings.

2. Google Analytics

On the website of the Company, the browsing information of the user is recorded utilizing “Google Analytics” from Google Inc. Cookies and Web beacons as described above are used in this process and information such as IP address, etc. is collected by Google Inc. The Company uses this only to analyze the site usage situation. By using the website of the Company, the user grants permission for such data processing implemented by Google Inc. for the purpose described above.

3. Security

The website of the Company uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology as a security measure. SSL is a cryptographic technology that enables secure communication between browser and webserver. Your Personal Information is all encrypted and used without interception by a third party.

Disclosure of Personal Information to Subcontractor

The Company may disclose Personal Information you provide to outsourcing contractors within the required scope to fulfill the purposes of use described previously.
In addition, when delegating the handling of personal information to our subcontractor, we conclude an appropriate contract including the contents of the safety control with the subcontractor to the extent necessary for achieving the purpose of use, and we will properly supervise the subcontractor to prevent the leaks.

Shared Usage of Personal Information among Group Companies and Distributors

As follows the Company shares the use of Personal Information with its subsidiaries and distributors. In this shared use of Personal information, the Company does its utmost to implement security controls over Personal information to avoid leakage or improper disclosure by shared users, for instance, by imposing on shared users obligations under an agreement.
1. Items of personal data
Company, department, title, address, telephone number, FAX number and e-mail address.
2. Purpose of use
Same with "Purpose of use of Personal Information".
3. Contact responsible party
Same with "Inquires about Personal Information".

Personal Information of Residents of the EU

Based on EU regulations regarding the Personal information of residents of the EU, the Company will respond properly to offers of data portability, the right to protest, the right to avoid automatic decision making or retract agreement, to requests to change, add or delete your Personal Information, or to stop using or delete it.
Additionally, residents of the EU may file a complaint if desired with the supervising agency regarding the handling of the Personal Information by the Company.

Inquiries about Personal Information

For inquiries or complaints regarding the Personal Information owned by the Company, please contact:

GL Sciences Inc., Administration section, General Affairs Division
Shinjuku Square Tower 30th Floor 6-22-1 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 163-1130 
TEL : +81 (0)3-5323-6633
FAX : +81 (0)3-5323-6636

E-mail : soumuka@gls.co.jp

Please note that the inquiries are accepted during the following times.
Monday - Friday (except public holidays, year-end and new year holidays) 9:30 - 12:00, 13:00 - 17:00

Depending on the requirements, you may be requested to submit certain documents or forms.