Protein Purification

Molecules affect biological functions, such as biomarkers that elucidate biological mechanisms, and allergens cause allergies most of them are proteins. To analyze the function and structure of these proteins, we need to isolate them. It is possible to isolate those proteins using LC columns and solid-phase columns as shown below.

LC Column

Inertsil WP300 Diol

Columns using the size exclusion principle. Because of its large pore size, it can be used to analyze and sort macromolecules such as proteins.

Solid Phase Extraction Spin Column

MonoSpin C18

A spin column using silica monolith with uniform continuous pores.
All operations are performed by centrifugation, which allows easy and high-speed purification.

Centrifuge Filter


Simple disposable filters using ultrafiltration membranes and micro filters.