About GL Sciences

Group Company

Semiconductor Business

Techno Quartz Inc.

Techno Quartz Inc. Zao South Factory (Yamagata-city)

Head Office Nakano-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Founded October, 1976
Company-owned shares 65.8 %

Established as a subsidiary of GL Sciences Inc in Oct. 1976 for the manufacture of Pyrex and quartz glass etc. for use in spectrophotometers and sample cells.

Later on, this quartz processing technology was adopted in the manufacture of quartz tools for use in semiconductor production.

In recent years the quartz products used in the semi conductor manufacturing industry have had to meet the requirements of strict cleanliness, high quality material and high-precision in shape, size etc. Standardization and precision are advancing and the demands are becoming increasingly strict. To satisfy these ever increasing demands for high technology products in the 21st century, we are working on improvements in our work environment with advancement in technology and modernization our manufacturing facilities to create products you can trust.

Hangzhou Techno Quartz INC. (Techno Quartz Inc. Overseas subsidiaries)

Location Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province, China
Founded March, 2002
Company-owned shares Techno Quartz Inc. 100 %

To meet the increasing global demand, Hangzhou Techno Quartz INC. was established in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, China, as a wholly owned subsidiary of Techno Quartz Inc., With the first plant completed in April 2002 and a second plant completed in June 2005 our Chinese facilities are now fully operational. Products manufactured at the state-of-the-art, high production capacity Hangzhou plant, are shipped to manufacturers around the world including Japan. We gained approval for domestic sales within China in 2005 with the aim to make a big leap forward with developments in the semiconductor industry in China.

Analytical Instruments Business

GL Sciences B.V.

Location Eindhoven, Netherlands
Founded December, 1990
Company-owned shares 100 %

ATAS GL International B.V. has changed its name to GL Sciences B.V. The company was already a part of GL Sciences Inc. since 2001, but was operating as an independent subsidiary. With this name change and brand unification, GL Sciences B.V. is going to renew its business in order to continue delivering excellent products and support to the entire European market.

GL Sciences B.V. is based in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. Founded in 1990, the company specializes in development and manufacturing of high performance analytical instrumentation for gas chromatography systems. GL Sciences B.V. is our European office, this gives us the possibility to have local stock and support in European market.

GL Sciences, Inc.

Location California, USA
Founded February, 2005
Company-owned share 100 %

We made the decision to offer our products directly to the end users in the United States – the world’s largest market, through our wholly owned subsidiary. At present we are continuing to focus on sales of our range of chromatography consumables. We are constantly receiving feedback through a wide variety of requests from the U.S. market which is helping our technology development team to work on solutions to precisely satisfy customer demand.

GL Sciences (Shanghai) Limited

Location Shanghai, China
Founded October, 2018
Company-owned share 100 %

We will contribute to security and safety by actively introducing products that meet market needs in China, where significant growth of the market is expected, particularly in the food market, pharmaceutical market and environmental market.


GLOS Co., Ltd.

Location Fukushima, Japan
Founded November, 2007
Company-owned shares 100 %

GLOS was established in 2017, aiming for processing and assembling the products of GL sciences. We are promoting the optimization of parts and materials used from a broad perspective, contributing to the cost reduction of GL Sciences.


Location Tokyo, Japan
Founded October, 1990
Company-owned shares 100 %

Since our start in 1990, FLOM has been supplying parts and components to the world’s major analytical device manufacturers. The company was already a part of GL Sciences Inc. since 2017. Aiming for the top of LC Components, we produce LC related products mainly valves, degassers, pumps, and related custom order products.

We continue to make unique products, pursuing our goals of high performance, compact design, light weight, and low cost.


Automated Recognition Business

GL Solutions Inc.

Location Tokyo, Japan
Founded April, 2013
Company-owned shares 100 %

Along with the evolution of automated recognition businesses, including those related to non-contact IC card reader/writers, and the revitalization and expansion of the market in 2013, the Automatic Recognition Division of GL Science Co., Ltd. was spun off-the-board and established as a 100 % subsidiary.

We are promoting the development of new markets by offering readers and writers that incorporate various types of equipment and selling them to equipment manufacturers who want to introduce RFID technologies. In addition, as an application system, an input/exit management system using a non-contact IC card and a comprehensive chemical substance management system using a non-contact ID tag are introduced. In an increasingly sophisticated information society, we aim to become a leading company in the field of automatic recognition.