Cosmetics (Including Cosmetics for Pharmaceuticals)

Chromatographic methods are useful for research and quality control for cosmetic beauty!
GL Sciences support to develop new products and ensure the safety of cosmetics by providing knowledge on chromatography.

For Efficacy Component Analysis such as Cosmetic Cream...

HPLC columns and InertSustain series with excellent inertness (Inert) and durability (Sustain). We offer a wide variety of columns, including InertSustain C18 of first-choice ODS columns and InertSustain AQ C18, which is excellent in retaining highly polar compounds.

For the Analysis of Surfactants and Fragrances...

InertCap, GC capillary column delivery high inertness and low bleed characteristics. To separate alcohols and fatty acids without tailing, we recommend InertCap Pure-WAX, a highly polar chemically bonded column with polyethylene glycol. The new inner surface processing technology enable to achieve the highest class of inactivity. It is also suitable for the analysis of acidic and basic compounds, which were previously unacceptable on commercially available WAX columns.

For Sample Pretreatment and Filtration...

GL Chromato disc is powerful in removing sediment and particles from samples and in pretreating HPLC microanalysis. The residual volume of the liquid is extremely small, which reduces sample loss. A wide range of lineup including water, non-water, and ion chromatography systems are available.