In terms of safety checks and hazardous substance analysis, we introduce the solutions such as analysis of pesticide residues, analysis of veterinary drugs, and mycotoxin analysis. Here we introduces simultaneous testing method I (agricultural crops) using LC/MS and simultaneous testing method III (livestock and fishery products) using LC/MS for solid-phase pretreatment of pesticides and other simultaneous testing methods that have been recently revised. It also introduces convenient tools for concentrating dissolved liquids, and offers proposals for automation of solid-phase extraction. It also contains examples of chromatographic pesticide analysis.

Pesticides Residue Analysis

Simultaneous Test Method I for Pesticides, etc. by LC/MS

For fruits and vegetables

From the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare on June 20, 2017 (Labour and Welfare Notification No. 06201),
As an ingredient of pesticide feed additive or veterinary medicine that remains in food.
Partial revisions were made to the Test Method.

Grain, beans, nuts and seeds

For tea and hops

Simultaneous Test Method III (Livestock and Fishery Products) for Pesticides, etc. by LC/MS

Except honey

Partial revision of "Testing methods for pesticide residues in foods, sample additives, or substances that are components of veterinary drugs" was issued on April 19, 2018 (Notification No. 0419-1 of Normal Saline Division, PFSB).

Before the new test method, there are "concurrent test methods for pesticides, etc. by LC/MS" 1 and II (livestock and fishery products). These purification methods employ GPC and solid-phase mini-columns.
In the new concurrent test method III (livestock and fishery products) using LC/MS, a purification method using a combination of a solid-phase mini-column (C18 mini-column, graphite carbon, and silica gel) has been adopted.


InertSep Vacuum Manifold

An easy-to-use starter kit is provided with accessories required for solid-phase extraction.