Compare to a good odor, the human being is sensitive to bad odors.
People are said to feel more bad or bad odors than a good odor. Gas chromatography is useful for the analysis of off flavor and bad odors in quality control.

Fragrance Components Sampling

MonoTrap is a flavor sampling materila can accommodate all samples, whether gases or liquids. The extraction method can be selected from solvent extraction or thermal desorption. This is an innovative trapping media with high sampling capacity and changing the common sense of enrichment analysis.

Sampling bag is used to introduce the sample gas into a gas chromatograph or to concentrate the sample gas into a collector. Depending on the material of the sample gas and bag, the measurement results may be affected, so the selection of the sampling bag according to the method is necessary. Energy Science provides a variety of sampling bags.

Sample Introduction...

HandyTD TD 265 is a compact, easy-to-use thermal desorption device. Due to its compact, portable design, it is easy to perform high sensitivity and concentration analysis without occupying GC. Each company can accommodate GC-equipment, and it is possible to set the MonoTrap of the sampler to perform GC-analysis.

Fragrance Components Separation and Analysis

InertCap Pure WAX is a highly polar column chemically bonded to polyethylene glycol. The new inner surface processing technology enabled us to achieve the highest class of inactivity. It is also suitable for the analysis of acidic and basic compounds, which were previously unacceptable on commercially available WAX columns. It is powerful in separating fragrance components.

If you want to Sniff Directly with your Nose...

OP275 Pro is a sniffing port designed to efficiently detect and identify flavor component peaks, such as those detected by GCs, by the sense of smell of panelists. The transfer line that delivers odors to the panelists' nose has a warming function, inhibits nasal stress and thermal degradation of the analyzed species, and enables a more sensitive and accurate smell analysis.

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