Interior Materials

Similar to measures against sick house syndrome in houses, VOC measures are being taken in car cabin. Measurements of indoor air have been carried out by automakers and other automobile manufacturers. Measurements are also carried out on automotive interior materials, which are the source of VOCs, mainly by parts manufacturers. The measurement method for automobile interior materials is called the sampling bag method, and the outline of the measurement method and related products are presented below.

Analysis Workflow of Common Automotive Interior Materials

For details of each process as follows


Insertion and Sealing of Specimens into Sampling Bag

Sampling Bag

We provide sampling bags of various sizes that can be used to sample automobile interior materials.

Aldehyde Sampling

InertSep Mini AERO Series Cartridges for Air Trapping

InertSep mini AERO series is an active sampler that can be used in conjunction with the Offensive Odor Control Law, the Air Pollution Control Law, and the EPA Law. It is best suited for the analysis of aldehydes and ketones contained in ambient air and emissions from automobile interior materials.

VOC Sampling

Sampling Tubing AERO TD Tube Series for Thermal Desorption

AERO TD Tube is a heat-desorption sampling tube for low concentrations of various organic compounds from the atmosphere and a lineup of sampling tubes filled with a variety of adsorbents and porous polymers.


Elute with Solvent

GL-SPE Elution Manifold 20 (for Mini AERO DNPH Only)

The DNPH cartridges after aldehyde sampling can be eluted efficiently up to 20 samples by spontaneous dropping with flow rate controlled (about 1 mL/min).

GL-SPE Elution Manifold 20

Calibration Curve Preparation Tool/Flow Controller

A standard solution or a standard gas can be added to a sample tube connected to a flow controller and a collection tube connected to a calibration curve tool using a microsyringe while flowing inert gas through the sample tube.

Calibration Curve Preparation Tool/Flow Controler



VOC Analysis Column :InertCap 1MS

InertCap 1 MS is a nonpolar column chemically bonded to 100 % dimethylpolysiloxane. The sample elutes essentially in the order of low boiling point. It was designed as a column for GC/MS, and realized the world's highest level of inactivity and low bleed.