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SYPRON AX-1 is a cation exchange column with quaternary ammonium bonded to hydrophilic polymer. As it’s designed to maximize the performance of LC/ MS, it improves separation and efficiency especially of bromate in tap water analysis.


Particle Size : 5 µm
Base Material : Methacrylate Polymer
Function Group : Quaternary Ammonium
pH Range : 2 - 12
Recommended pH Range : 3 - 7
Maximum Operating Pressure : 12 MPa (120 bar)
Counter Ion : Cl-
Recommended Application : Isocratic Analysis

SYPRON AX-1 Analytical Columns

DescriptionParticle SizeI.D.LengthQty.Cat.No.
SYPRON AX-15µm2.1mm100mm1pc5020-11002
SYPRON AX-15µm2.1mm150mm1pc5020-11008
SYPRON AX-1 PEEK5µm2.1mm100mm1pc5020-11009
SYPRON AX-1 PEEK5µm2.1mm150mm1pc5020-11010
SYPRON AX-15µm3.0mm100mm1pc5020-11011

SYPRON AX-1 Guard Column

SYPRON AX-1 Cartridge2.1mm10mm2pcs5020-08641
SYPRON AX-1 Cartridge3.0mm10mm2pcs5020-08643
SYPRON Guard Holder1pc5020-08640