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Environment Policy

Basic Principals

We GL Sciences Inc. preservation of global environment is one of primary roles of human commonness, and a match of environmental load reduction recognizes that need is also indispensable for continuation of business and development, and we contribute to better social realization through the business activity considered in environment protection.

Basic Policy

GL Sciences Inc. contributes to environment protection by planning for the performance improvement which are used gas/liquid chromatograph system and parts, etc. in the environment related field and the spread expansion to society by our main product as well as promotes activity based on the following policy.

Establishment of Environmental Management System and Continuous Improvement

I establish the purpose for environment protection and a target and aim at the achievement as well as do necessary reconsideration and plan for continual improvement of environmental management system.

Compliance of Environment Regulation

The Basic Environment Law, regulation related to the environment including the regulations about the environment of the urban and rural prefectures and other requirements to which we agree are obeyed as the beginning.

Saving Resources, Promoting of Energy Saving and Prevention of Environmental Pollution

We do for the harmony with the environment by the area where it's technical in case of promotion of business activity and possible economically and make an effort toward prevention of environmental pollution by resource-saving, promotion of energy saving and management reinforcement of chemicals, etc..

Supporting for Environment Protection Organization

The environment protection activity is that we cooperate with foundation WWF Japan of public interests (WWF Japan) aggressively from the point of view related to production and sales work of our products which had for its object to contribute to environment protection in the environment field deeply.

To Be known to All Public and Environment Policy

Publicity makes all personnel a GL Sciences Inc. does the environmental management system relation of carry this policy without exception through environmental education and internal publicity campaign as well as it's also opened to public outside.

January 1, 2017
GL Sciences Inc.
President Yosihiro Nagami