GL-SPE Vacuum Manifold

GL-SPE mini Vacuum Manifold System

Example of use

GL-SPE mini-manifold kit 12C is a space saving type vacuum manifold. Maximum 6mL size syringe barrel SPE cartridges can be installed to the cover assembly of manifold.


  • Syringe barrel type SPE or Well Plate type SPE is available to set.
  • 16 mm O.D. × 100 mm length reservoir such as concentration tubes or 7 mL sample tubes are available to be attached to the rack.
  • Replacement of the chamber allows to use both of a syringe barrel-type and a well plate type SPE cartridges.

GL-SPE MiniVacuume Manifold

Mini Vacuume Manifold Kit 12CCartridge1/pk5010-50150
Vacuum Manifold Kit for 96 Well Platefor 96WP1/pk5010-50155
Vcuum ControllerCommon1/pk5010-33071

Note) Vacuum manifold controller is not included. Purchase it additionally.

GL-SPE MiniVacuume Manifold Accessory

Mini Vacuume Manifold Chamber for 12Cfor 12C1pc5010-50160
Mini Vacuume Manifold Top Plate for 12Cfor 12C1pc5010-50161*1
Mini Vacuume Manifold Concentration Rack for 12Cfor 12C1pc5010-50162
Mini Vacuume Manifold Delivery Tipfor 12C15pcs5010-50163
Mini Vacuume Manifold Chamber for 96Wfor 96W1pc5010-50165
Mini Vacuume Manifold Base UnitCommon1pc5010-50166
Mini Vacuume Manifold Drain PlateCommon1pc5010-50167
Mini Vacuume Manifold Shim Set 1Tx2.2Tx1Common1pc5010-50168*2
Mini Vacuume Manifold Gasket Set Upper & Lower 1 Each/PkCommon1pc each5010-50169

Note 1) Delivery tips are not included to the top plate.
Note 2) Gasket is a kit with an upper and a bottom seal.