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GL-SPE Gravity Flow Manifold (for general analysis)


GL-SPE Gravity Flow Manifold (for general analysis, aluminum)

SPE Gravity Flow Manifold (for general analysis) is an optimized manifold for performing solid phase extraction (SPE) using gravity flow. It corresponds to "Clean-up by Multifunctional columns" and "Separation and Concentration Method for Aflatoxins by Immunoaffinity Columns" in Food Safety Notification No. 0816-2 released on August 16, 2011.


  • Simple design
  • Optimal performance for Mycotoxins sample preparation
  • Gravity flow velocity is improved with the delivery tips capillarity
  • Flow rate is adjustable with a Luer stop valve
  • Trays for 4 mL vials, SPE concentration tubes, and eggplant-shaped flasks are provided

Ex.) Installing of InertSep VRA

Ex.) Installing of InertSep VRA

SPE Gravity Flow Manifold

This is an optimized simple and reasonable manifold for gravity flow solid phase extraction. 24 luer fitting delivery tips made of polypropylene is attached.

Each Tube Trays

There are three types of tube trays: for 4 mL vials, 20 mL concentration tubes and 300 mL eggplant-shaped flask.

Note) Other tube trays are provided as an option.

Extension Panel (height adjustment tool)

Installing extension panels to both edge of manifold, the height of delivery tips can be adjust. This extension panel is need when using other size except for 4 mL vial tray.

Note) Adjust the top of delivery tips to be inserted into receiving container slightly.

GL-SPE Gravity Flow Manifold1pc5010-50430

GL-SPE Gravity Flow Manifold Extention Panel2pcs5010-50431
4mL Vial Tray for GL-SPE Gravity Flow Manifold1pc5010-50432
20mL Concentration Tube Tray for GL-SPE Gravity Flow Manifold1pc5010-50433
200/300mL Florence Flask Tray for GL-SPE Gravity Flow Manifold1pc5010-50434
GL-SPE Gravity Flow Rack Delivery Chip24pcs5010-50420