InertSep Series

InertSep WAX FF/GCB, InertSep GCB/WAX FF

InertSep WAX FF and InertSep GCB for PFAS analysis boast high recovery rates and cleanup efficiencies from samples of aqueous, soil, food, and other complex matrices.

  • InertSep GCB, packed with Graphite Carbon Black, is ideal for LC/MS analysis due to its excellent cleanup efficiency.
  • EPA Method 1633 establishes an efficient method for the determination of per- and polyfluoroalkyl compounds (PFAS) from samples containing complex matrices.

InertSep WAX FF/GCB, InertSep GCB/WAX FF

DescriptionColumn DimensionQty.Cat.No.
InertSep WAX FF/GCB200mg/50mg/6mL30pc5010-68063
InertSep WAX FF/GCB200mg/50mg/6mL300pc5010-68064
InertSep GCB/WAX FF50mg/200mg/6mL30pc5010-68065
InertSep GCB/WAX FF50mg/200mg/6mL300pc5010-68066