Air Adsorption Tubes and Sorbents

Thermal Desorption Sampling Tubes AERO TD Tubes

AERO TD Packed Tubes

AERO TD Packed Tubes are adsorbent tubes packed with sorbent(s) and thermally conditioned for CP4010/4020 and MSTD. Please select 3 mm I.D. or 4 mm I.D. tubes depending on the sorbent mass. Ordering malt-bed type sampling tubes, please select sorbent name and mass. Adsorbent tubes of Spelco is available thermally conditioned type only.

Representative Sorbents

Tenax TA

Tenax TA is a heat resistant resin with 2,6-diphenyl-p-phenylene oxide structure. It is suitable for sampling of volatile and semi-volatile compounds, and it is not susceptible in air because of its low affinity to water and alcohol. It cannot capture highly volatile compounds, so generally I is used combined with carbon type adsorption. Take care that repeatedly usage around the maximum operation temperature makes the effect to blank.

Tenax GR

Tenax GR is made by adding 23 % graphite carbon at the polymerization of Tenax. It has higher breakthrough volume than conventional, due to the addition.

Carbotrap (Supelco)

Carbotrap is graphite carbon black with 100 m2/g surface area and suited to adsorption for C5-C8 compounds in air. Produced under high temperature, this has high thermal stability and less bleeding by thermal desorption. Because of its large pore size (20/40 mesh), the residence of sampling is low and the back pressure does not increase

Carboxen 1000 (Supelco)

Carboxen 1000, a carbon molecular sieve type adsorbent, have high hydrophobicity and enables accurate sampling even under high temperature. This adsorbent have large surface area and its pore size is optimized to highly volatile compounds like vinyl chloride, so this adsorb smaller size molecular compounds well.

Carbopack B (Supelco)

Carbopack B is a graphite carbon black material as same as Carbotrap, but its mesh size is smaller : 60/80 mesh and is used as loaded in narrower sampling tubes. The adsorption flow is relatively slow, the recommendation is under 20 mL/min. This is a spherical carbon molecular sieve type adsorption, its surface area is big, approximately 820 m2/g, the pore size is 15 Å - 40 Å. This is suited for adsorption of low molecular weight compounds like chloromethane in air.

GL-Tube 1 Layer Pakcing6mm3mm159mmYesSelectable of Adsorbent & Packing Amount4pcs1003-06101
GL-Tube 2 Layers Packing with Aging6mm3mm159mmYesSelectable of Adsorbent & Packing Amount4pcs1003-06201
GL-Tube 3 Layers Packing with Aging6mm3mm159mmYesSelectable of Adsorbent & Packing Amount4pcs1003-06301
GL-Tube 1 Layer Pakcing6mm4mm159mmYesSelectable of Adsorbent & Packing Amount4pcs1003-06102
GL-Tube 2 Layers Packing with Aging6mm4mm159mmYesSelectable of Adsorbent & Packing Amount4pcs1003-06202
GL-Tube 3 Layers Packing with Aging6mm4mm159mmYesSelectable of Adsorbent & Packing Amount4pcs1003-06302

AERO TD Tube Sorbents

AERO TD GL-Tube Tenax TA20/356mm3mm159mmNo4pcs1003-71101
AERO TD GL-Tube Tenax TA20/356mm3mm159mmYes4pcs1003-71102
AERO TD GL-Tube Tenax GR20/356mm3mm159mmNo4pcs1003-71201
AERO TD GL-Tube Tenax GR20/356mm3mm159mmYes4pcs1003-71202
AERO TD GL-Tube Tenax TA20/356mm4mm159mmNo4pcs1003-71103
AERO TD GL-Tube Tenax TA20/356mm4mm159mmYes4pcs1003-71104
AERO TD GL-Tube Tenax GR20/356mm4mm159mmNo4pcs1003-71203
AERO TD GL-Tube Tenax GR20/356mm4mm159mmYes4pcs1003-71204

AERO TD Tube (Tubing)

Empty AERO TD GL-Tube6mm3mm159mm4pcs1003-71001
Empty AERO TD GL-Tube6mm4mm159mm4pcs1003-71002

Ferrule for AERO TD Tube

Ferrule for AERO TD GL-Tube with AgingYes5pcs1003-71200

* Can be used for both type 1 and 2.

Thermal Desorption AERO TD Tubes【for T-DEX, ATD, Markes】


Tubes for T-DEX, ATD


Tubes for Gestel (empty)

DescriptionSorbent MassMeshO.D.LengthAgingRemarkSDSQty.Cat.No.
AERO TD Tube(T-Dex,ATD,Markes) TENAX TA150mg60/801/4in.89mmYesApplicable ISO 16017-1 Indoor AirENG10pcs1003-74102
AERO TD Tube(T-Dex,ATD,Markes) A:CarbopackB+B:Carboxen1000A:190mg+B: 140mg1/4in.89mmYesfor Soil & Environmental Air10pcs1003-74301
AERO TD Tube(T-Dex,ATD,Markes) TENAX GR150mg35/601/4in.89mmYesfor High Flow Sampling of Clean RoomENG10pcs1003-74201
AERO TD Tube(T-Dex,ATD,Markes) TENAX TA150mg35/601/4in.89mmYesfor High Flow Sampling of Clean RoomENG10pcs1003-74101
AERO TD Tube(T-Dex,ATD,Markes) (Non-packed)1/4in.89mmDented Type10pcs1003-74000
AERO TD GL-Tube Storage Capfor Gerstel20pcs1003-74010
AERO TD Tube(for Gerstel) without Pakcing Glass Slit Type6mm178mmGlass Frit Type1pc1003-74500