Air Sampling Related Products

Calibration Curve Creation Tool/ Flow Controller

This is a tool for directly injection of standard sample onto a sampling tube for air and indoor air. While flowing inert gas, standard substances can be added to the collection tube in front of the collection agent in a conventional micro syringe (needle length is 2 inch) and deployed into the collection tube. Also can add gaseous samples or gaseous standard substances onto a sampling tube.

Note) When adding samples using AERO TD Tube (for T-DEX, ATD) series sampling tubes, take care not let syringe needle to go through wool supporting the loading materials.


Calibration Curve Creation Tool/ Flow Controller

The flow controller for calibration creation tool is composed of pressure regulator and on-off valve with needle valve function, and the flow rate is set to 120 kPa during shipment and approximately 50 mL/min flow at the outlet without restriction. Cleaned gases can be supplied because the active carbon filter is presented at the outlet of this unit. This is connected with 1/16 inch PTFE tubing to the calibration creation tool.

Calibration Creation Tool1set3008-67810
Flow Controller for Calibration Creation Tool1pc3001-24590

Note) 1/4 inch or 6 mm O.D. sampling tubes can be connected to the outlet of calibration creation tool.