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Titansphere Phos-TiO for Large Volumn Samples

Titansphere Phos-TiO(シリンジバレルタイプ)の画像

The same specialized bulk media used in our Phos-TiO Kit is available in 50 mg/3 mL and 100mg/3mL cartridges as an extension of the Titansphere Phos-TiO product line.
Titansphere Phos-TiO for Large Volume Samples Cartridges are intended for use with a desktop or other centrifuge. While some of the versions of Phos-TiO are resemble pipette tips or SPE cartridges, these products are not intended for use with pipettes or SPE vacuum manifolds; the cartridge internal configuration and particle size of the TiO bulk media requires centrifugal elution of all solutions.


  • High Selectivity of Phosphorylated Peptide
  • High Capacity
  • Easy to use with centrifuge


Tyr(PO3H2)-Angiotensin II
Particle Size
10 µm
50 mg/3 mL
100 mg/3 mL
Binding Capacity
60 µg
120 µg

Note) Maximum sample load amount is depending on matrix.



How to Operate

Using centrifuge for the process from conditioning to elution, and put through solvents or samples to the cartridge. Below is an enrichment flow example:

Note) The particle size is very small, it is not suitable to purify and concentrate with vacuum manifold system.


DescriptionColumn DimensionSDSQty.Cat.No.
Titansphere Phos-TiO50mg/3mLENG25pcs5010-21290
Titansphere Phos-TiO100mg/3mLENG25pcs5010-21291

Lactic Acid for Titansphere Phos-TiO 3mL Cartridge15mLENG1pc5010-21295