Digital Flowmeter

Digital Flowmeter GF1010

The new compact-portable GF1010 gas flow meter makes gas flow measurement easier and more accurate, helping to eliminate user errors. The GF1010 is an essential tool for troubleshooting and routine maintenance of your gas chromatograph. The LCD display with back light makes flow rate legible. As an option, a Silicone cases are available to protect the flowmeter from shock.

Silicone cover (Option)


Flow Range
0.5 - 1200 mL/min (Display Range : -0.1 - 1400 mL/min)
Accuracy ± 3 % or ± 0.3 mL/min. whichever is greater (Calibration gas: N2)
Operating Temp.
15 - 30 ºC
(Operating Temp. Range where the accuracy isn't guaranteed: 10 - 40 ºC)
Tube Tube: 3 mm l.D., 7 mm O.D. (Operating Temp.: up to 200 ºC)
Measurable Gases N2, Air, He, Ar, H2 or etc.
Caution! Do not use the flowmeter to measure corrosive and humid gas.
Battery 2 AA
Standards WEEE, RoHS, CE
Dimension 76 (W) x 135 (D) x 35 (H) mm (Excluding protrusion)
Weight Approx. 240 g excluding battery

Gas Flow Meter GF10101pc2709-10100