Inner Seal Connectors

Inner Seal Connectors are most often used to connect a guard column to an analytical column and columns with different phases. Fused silica capillary tubing has polyimide resin outside which makes an adequate seal. To achieve optimum performance from these connectors, begin with a square cut tubing. Column temp. at 250 °C during an analysis makes them much firmer connections.


Inner Seal Connector / Inner Seal Y Connector

上:インナーシールコネクター 下:インナーシールYコネクターの画像

Inner Seal Connector / Inner Seal Y Connector

DescriptionApplicable Columns' O.D.Applicable Columns' I.D.Qty.Cat.No.
Inner Seal Connector0.35-0.7mm0.15-0.53mm5pcs1010-45026
Inner Seal Y Connector0.35-0.7mm0.15-0.53mm1pc1010-45030