Gas Filters

Super Clean Gas Filters



Super Clean Gas Filters ensure >99.9999 % outlet pure gas. Cartridge systems make changing gas filters quick and easy. A base plate allows cartridges to be exchanged without introducing ambient air. Spring-loaded check valves seal when a filter is removed and open only when a new filter has been locked in place. There is no longer a need for loosening and tightening fittings every time a trap is changed and your system will not become contaminated during the process.

Super Clean Gas Filter Kit

Manufacturer P/NApplicationRemarkQty.Cat.No.
B1010GC-MS、ECD、FID、NPDOxygen/Moisture/Hydrocarbon Filter Kit 1pc1/pk3001-18313*
B1020Moisture/Hydrocarbon Filter 2pcs1/pk3001-18315*
B1011GC-MS、ECD、FID、NPDOxygen/Moisture/Hydrocarbon Filter Kit 1pc (purged with He)1/pk3001-18314*
B1021LC-MS、High FlowHydrocarbon Filter 2pcs1/pk3001-18316*
B1022High FlowMoisture Filter 2pcs1/pk3001-18317*
B1030GC-FIDMoisture/Hydrocarbon Filter 2pcs; Oxygen/Moisture/Hydrocarbon Filter 1pc1/pk3001-18318*
B1040GC-FIDMoisture Filter 1pc; Oxygen Filter 1pc; Hydrocarbon Filter 2pcs1/pk3001-18319*
Moisture/Hydrocarbon Filter 2pcs, Moisture/Oxygen/Hydrocarbon Filter 1pc1/pk3001-18359
Moisture Filter 1pc, Oxygen Filter 1pc, Hydrocarbon Filter 2pcs1/pk3001-18360

Note) Required number of base plates are included for each set.

Super Clean Gas Filter

Moisture Filter, with Indicating1pc3001-18350
Oxygen Filter, with Indicating1pc3001-18351
Hydrocarbon Filter1pc3001-18352
Moisture/Hydrocarbon Filter1/pk3001-18353
Moisture/Oxygen/Hydrocarbon Filter1/pk3001-18354
Moisture/Oxygen/Hydrocarbon Filter, Purged with He1/pk3001-18355
LC-MS、High FlowHydrocarbon Filter 2pcs1/pk3001-18356
Special Moisture Filter 2pcs1/pk3001-18357
LC-MS、High FlowHydrocarbon Filter 2pcs, with Indicating1/pk3001-18358

Other Accessories

Super Clean Base GC Base Plate1position 1/8in. ConnectionB00101pc3001-18300
Super Clean Base GC Base Plate2position 1/8in. ConnectionB00201pc3001-18301
Super Clean Base LC Base Plate2position HF 1/4in. ConnectionB00211pc3001-18302
Super Clean Base GC Base Plate3position 1/8in. ConnectionB00301pc3001-18303
Super Clean Base GC Base Plate4position 1/8in. ConnectionB00401pc3001-18304
Replacement O-ring for Super Clean Base PlateB011010pcs each for 2 types3001-18306
Brass Reducing UnionSUS SHIMADZU-1/8in.(L30mm, SMM type)2pcs3001-17971
Brass Reducing UnionSUS SHIMADZU-1/4in.(L30mm, SMM type)2pcs3001-17970
Brass Reducing UnionBrass 1/8RE1/42pcs3001-17950
Brass Reducing UnionBrass 1/4RE1/82pcs3001-17951