GC Fraction Collector

GC Fraction Collector View Prep Station VPS2800

A Preparative Gas Chromatograph system can collect the target compounds which were separated by Gas Chromatography. The VPS2800 GC fraction collector is designed to work with capillary columns and gives high recovery and pure fractionation. It is possible to collect just a part of a peak, one peak or a group of peaks with the GC fraction collector.


  • The minimum trapping temperature of -60 °C is achieved with a Stirling cooling technique that is no needed for Liquid Nitrogen, and can achieve a high recovery
  • The sample flow path does not absorb any compounds due to no-cold spots, high temperature and a highly inert flow path
  • Fraction mode can be done in automatic or manual
  • Can be installed on any type of GC

Inside of Cooling Oven


  • Super-insulated oven
  • Efficiency cooling in an oven with a fan
  • High recovery with combination of special shape preparative tube

Control Software for View Prep Station


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  • Selecting Auto / Manual Mode
    Fraction mode can be done in automatic or manual
  • Easy operation software
    With the easy to operate software, you just select a peak in the chromatogram or set a time window in order to collect a peak
  • Temperature Control
    Setting and monitoring temperatures of the heating oven and the cooling oven


Number of fraction tubes 7 pcs (Including waste line)
Heating oven temperature 60 ℃ - 380 ℃
Transfer line temperature 60 ℃ - 380 ℃
Cooling oven temperature Forced air : 0 to -30 ℃
Cooling block surface : 0 to -60℃
(Not frost formation situation under system requirements conditions)
System Requirements Operating Temperature Range : 10 - 30 ℃
(Recommended : 18 - 27 ℃)
Operating Humidity Range : Less than 85 % RH(Recommended : Less than 60 % RH)
Power supply AC220 – 240 V (+/- 10 %) 50/60 Hz, 1200 VA
Dimensions 500 (W) x 500 (D) x 440 (H) mm
(Excluding protruding parts)
Weight Approx. 45 kg
Recommended OS Windows 10 Professional (32 bit / 64 bit version), Windows Vista Business
CPU / Memory Minimum 4 GB
Communication port RS-232C 1 port
Display resolution More than 1024 x 768

View Prep Station VPS2800 220-240V1set2702-18452

Note) Do not use with corrosive samples such as strong acids or bases.