Signal Selector

This selector allows two or more types of autosamplers to be connected to one analyzer and allows easy switching when connecting one data processor to multiple analyzers.
No power supply required, just connect the signal cable to use.


  • Efficient use of multiple devices
  • Easy switching of start ready signal
  • Convenient for switching autosamplers for GC and GC-MS
  • No power supply required
  • Compact
  • The disconnected cable can be connected as it is


Body materials Aluminum (perimeter), Resin (front)
I/O port Terminal block version: 3 (7 wires each)
D-Sub version: 3 (9pin female)
Connection cable
(Terminal block version)
Single wire: φ0.4 mm to φ1.2 mm
Stranded wire: 0.2mm2 to 1.25mm2
Wire system: φ0.18mm or more
Cutting off the tip
Connection cable
(D-Sub version)
D-Sub 9pin cable (Male)
Power supply No
Size 120(W)×110(D)×47(H) mm
Weight 400 g
Accessories 4 rubber feet, label sticker


Signal Selector1pc2702-35122
Signal Selector D-Sub1pc2702-35127

Start Cable for Signal Selector 1m, 4wires1pc2702-35123
Signal Cable for Signal Selector 1m, 3wires1pc2702-35124
Cable Set for Signal Selector (StartC.x2, SignalC.x1)1/pk2702-35125
Cable Set for Signal Selector (StartCablex2)1/pk2702-35126
D-Sub 9-Pin Straight Cable(1.8m)1/pk2702-35128
D-Sub Connector Gender Changer(Male/Male)1/pk2702-35129